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Beverly hills vamp-1989

“Beverly Hills Vamp” is an entertaining B-movie horror comedy. It features very little horror but a lot of skin and some decent attempts at humor.


THE PLOT: Three aspiring film makers go to a brothel in Beverly Hills that happens to feature vampire prostitutes. One of the filmmakers (Eddie Deezen) survives the night and teams up with a movie producer (Jay Richardson) to take out the brothel’s Madame (Britt Ekland) in hopes of saving his friends.

“Beverly Hills Vamp” is directed by the infamous Fred Olen Ray…and honestly, this may be his second best feature (behind “Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers”). It’s competently made (for the most part), features some decent gags, and actually manages to entertain. The horror is minimal but there’s enough tits and ass to keep you interested.


Speaking of T&A, you literally get to see Scream Queen Michelle Bauer’s asshole in “Beverly Hills Vamp”. The only other 80’s horror film I can think of off the top of my head where you see a chick’s butthole is the terrible “Splatter: Architects of Fear”. So…yeah. You see Michelle Bauer’s asshole. She’s smoking hot and in her prime as well. The other vampire prostitutes are attractive and there’s solid skin throughout.


Jay Richardson is great as usual. He’s pretty funny as the sleazy movie producer…especially given the lame material. Eddie Deezen (looking like a combination of Ernest P. Worrell and Jerry Lewis) is also amusing as the somewhat surprising hero. He gives a wily and eccentric performance that’s bizarre yet fascinating. Robert Quarry pops up as a priest and Britt Ekland is pretty much wasted as the Madame.


There isn’t a whole lot of scares to be had but for a low-budget B-movie, “Beverly Hills Vamp” is entertainingly cheesy.


“Beverly Hills Vamp” features a sexy photo shoot with Polaroid’s, cheesy laser light deaths, sleazy auditions, naked chicks at the pool, a lame twist ending, a gay caretaker trapped in the closet, and death by crucifix in the cleavage.







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