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Angel Eyes-1993

"Angel Eyes" is a sexploitation thriller from ex-porn director Gary Graver and starring the goddess Monique Gabrielle.


PLOT: After Angel (Gabrielle) murders her mother, she tracks down her ex-step father and moves in with him and his new wife. Angel begins to seduce and manipulate them both...leading to murder. Her step father also happens to be tangled up with con men and loan sharks.


"Angel Eyes" isn't really a thriller. It's more of a soft-core porn with some light slasher moments. There's tons of T&A...I've never seen so many fake tits! The film is thin on plot and heavy on nudity. "Angel Eyes" features a cast of characters that aren't believable and never act rationally. Erik Estrada pops up as a slimy con man and the film was produced by Z-movie director Fred Olen Ray.


Monique Gabrielle is smoking hot and will be the main draw for anyone to track down this skin flick. She is a semi-scream queen and is mostly known for her assets. As Angel she likes to lick lollipops, has a doll collection, and talks in a whiny, adolescent voice. There's a creepy scene where Angel has a dinner party with her dolls and the highlight of the film features Angel ridding the shit out of some henchman before dispatching him.


"Angel Eyes" is a rather pedestrian affair that features a sexy lead and some solid erotica but offers minimal thrills. If you're in the need for a soft-core thriller...it'll do the trick. Monique Gabrielle fans must watch! I'm a sucker for early 90's T&A thrillers, hence why I review them for a site called 80's Horror Central!


"Angel Eyes" features topless swimming, a girl on girl shower scene, early 90's bush, broken fingers, sex by the fireplace, and a car going off a cliff. And I must add that Monique Gabrielle has an underrated booty!




Tit-O-Meter-5/5! (tits ahoy!)


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