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alien outlaw-1985


"Alien Outlaw" is a boring and amateurish sci-fi B-movie that features some decent T&A and ex-cowboy star Lash La Rue.


THE PLOT: A trio of aliens crash land in the backwoods and begin raping woman and gunning down men. A female gunslinger Jesse Jamison (Kari Anderson) must use her sharp shooting skills to battle the horny aliens.


"Alien Outlaw" is the second teaming between director Phil Smoot and actor Lash La Rue after the oddity known as "The Dark Power". Director Smoot has added some nudity and exploitative elements this time around but takes away La Rue's whip. Smoot spends too much time on pointless character development (rednecks debating the right to hunt for 15 minutes isn't really character development) and Smoot also has a problem with pacing (just as in "The Dark Power"). The film comes off dull and uninteresting.


The special effects are terrible. The alien spacecraft is one of the cheesiest things I've seen in an 80's film and the aliens look more like dog-monsters than alien life forms. There is no gore, no blood, but there are a few explosions. "Alien Outlaw" is more concerned with boring characters delivering painfully obvious exposition than scares. There is no tension or terror and a tiny bit of action...and titties.


Kari Anderson has big doe eyes and a big ass...she spends most of the film in a very revealing costume. I'm certain the director intentionally put her ass constantly in frame in hopes of distracting us from how shitty the movie is. Lash La Rue is amusing but not nearly as entertaining as he was in "The Dark Power". The rest of the cast is amateurs and the film's score is headache inducing.


I was able to track this DVD down for $4 during Black Friday and I have to admit, $4 was probably still too much. It's a lame sci-fi B-movie that doesn't really warrant a viewing.






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