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This is obviously a site dedicated to 1980's horror films...but there exists quite a few 90's horror films that play and feel like 80's hold overs. They share similar aesthetics and are akin to horror films from that radical decade of excess. I thought it'd be cool to share and review some of these early 90's films that still have that 80's vibe and are lesser known. Plus I love early 90's horror as much as 80's.



Hard to Die-1990

Haunting Fear-1990

The Invisible Maniac-'90

Love & Murder-1990

Night Angel-1990


Pledge Night-1990

Satan's Princess-1990

The Sleeping Car-1990

Sorority Girls-1990

Slumber Party Massacre 3

Sorority House Massacre2


Camp Fear-1991

SQ Hot Tub Party-1991

Witchcraft 3-1991

Roots of Evil-1992

The Summoned-1992


Angel Eyes-1993

Demon Possessed-1993

Die Watching-1993

The Dwelling-1993

Girls of the B-movies-98



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