80's Horror Central



Films Reviewed

Blood Sisters-1987

Bloody Movie-1987

Blood Harvest-1987

Cannibal Hookers-1987

Doom Asylum (1987)

Killer Workout -1987

Night ofthe Living Babes

Night Screams-1987

The Outing-1987


Rest In Pieces-1987

Run...If You Can-1987

Scared Stiff-1987

Shallow Grave-1987

Streets of Death-1987

Stripped to Kill-1987

Top 5 Horror Films of 1987

1. Predator

2. Evil Dead 2

3. Nightmare On Elm Street 3:Dream Warriors

4. The Lost Boys

5. Hellraiser

Honorable Mentions

Near Dark

The Monster Squad

Worst Horror Film of 1987

Jaws:The Revenge

Most Underrated Horror Film of 1987

Prince Of Darkness


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